Sunday, February 10, 2013

Smash Books/Creative Journals

Recently I had the fun of creating a SmashBook/creative journal for a MaryJane’s Farmgirl swap. I think I added too much but once I got started, I didn’t want to stop SmileThat is always what happens to me. I get carried away with the theme or with my sense of inspiration based on the person for which  I am making the book .

The pages are of different variations. I printed some things on glossy photo paper, some are printed on copy paper, and some pages I used Misty-Fuse and ironed on fabric to the back of copy paper.  I also added a section of graph lined vellum sheets.
A mis-mash of pages … I hope Darlene will like it!





The quilted cover






Inside the cover



Some of the pages…

Enjoy!!   dcl


darlenelovesart said...

I love your blog and how you got pictures of every page. this is so nice! Your picture at the top with Diane and Magnolia's Threads did you machine stitch that. It is so pretty. You are so creative. Thanks again for everything.

Diane's Magnolia Threads said...

Darlene, thank you for the kind words! Yes, the picture I use at the top is a portion of a wall art quilt I threadpainted. The wings are part of a mythical phoenix, arising from the flames. I will add the picture :)

A Stormy Spring Day!