Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Rewind…Fun Mini Quilt Challenges…

ADSCF5155As I am cleaning up around the studio I found a set of 8 X 10 ‘Fun Festival Challenge’ art quilts I made several years ago.  The group decided to make funny or satire scenes for different Festivals which are held in the US.  The little quilt pictured below was made for the Madre Gras Celebration and is titled, “Runaway Bride”. The little quilts were lots of fun and I had them in a journal. 

I decided to redesign this one as a little tote…or purse, just large enough for a phone, camera, and a bit of money…as you know in New Orleans during the height of Madre Gras festivities, you do not want to be encumbered with a big purse!

Laugh a little!ADSCF5162


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Allison said...

Diane, I love your Runaway Bride. It is very creative and fun.


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